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The House of Love are an English alternative rock band.  Formed in 1986, the band rose to prominence in the UK as a leading indie rock band in 1988 and split up in 1993, eventually reforming a decade later in 2003. The band is best known for its detailed psychedelic guitar sound and for the successful singles "Shine On", "Christine" and "Destroy the Heart". The best-known members of The House of Love are singer/songwriter/guitarist Guy Chadwick and lead guitarist/backing singer Terry Bickers, who were the creative core of the original band until an acrimonious split in 1989 and who reformed the band together in 2003.

The House of Love (the band's 1988 debut album) was reissued on CD in 2007. This led to the band being invited to play the album live in its entirety as part of the Don't Look Back concert series. This was followed in 2009 by theLive at the BBC album, another archive release which covered the band's post-Bickers BBC session recordings from 1990 to 1992.

The current lineup of the band continue to write and record songs for an unspecified future release.


Source: Wikipedia.


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